I had the great pleasure of recently working with Conor, in preparation for an upcoming airline assessment.
Having just recently completed my flight training, this was my first experience completing interviews and assessments in the industry.
Conor broke down the process and provided me with strategic interview techniques and skills in order to confidently answer any questions or situations that came my way. He creates a well-structured, honest and open environment, which allowed me to identify the strengths, weaknesses and past experiences which I could leverage on the day.
The entire experience was incredibly positive and I could not recommend Conor highly enough to anyone preparing for an interview!

A. B. / New Aer Lingus F/O

I’m delighted to be writing this testimonial. As a relatively low hour frozen ATPL pilot, my experience with Conor was brilliant and we thankfully succeeded in achieving my goal of Aer Lingus DEP. Conor’s approach is very open, friendly and honest. He installed a confidence in me with a range of interview techniques, gave me the skills to answer questions that were sometimes out of my reach and gave me the tools to get me out of jail if I went down a rabbit hole. Even since my successful outcome, I have completed sessions with Conor, he is a fantastic mentor with a huge amount of experience to have in the phonebook.


I had the pleasure of working with Conor for both group and personal interview training sessions and I cannot recommend his services enough.

The sessions helped me identify and leverage my personal strengths while addressing areas for improvement. The practical advice and strategies provided were instrumental in honing my interview skills and developing a personalised interview strategy.

His approach is knowledgeable and calming, creating a relaxed yet well-structured environment. Conor consistently ensured that all objectives were met at the end of every session.

What sets Conor apart is that he is more than just a coach; he genuinely cares for his clients and is invested in their success.

Thanks, Conor, for your unwavering support!

R. K. / New Aer Lingus Future Pilot Cadet

I met Cpt Conor Keeling at a global conference for pilot training. Having completed my flight training at a difficult time where opportunities were very few, I reached out to Cpt Conor a few months before I secured my long awaited interview.

Almost immediately, we were able to work very smoothly thanks to a variety of coaching and mentoring techniques that allowed me to fully showcase my strengths and build on my weaknesses.

These sessions were great in building my confidence and practicing my techniques. A few weeks later I had two job offers after two very successful interviews.

Cpt Conor is an excellent ambassador for aviation and Ireland. He always went the extra mile and even welcomed me upon arriving first in Ireland for the first time before my interview. I am glad to have him as a trusted mentor and role model in my career and highly recommend him to anyone who is preparing to take the next step in their career.

B. M. / New Ryanair F/O ex self-sponsored EasyJet Flt Ops

I had the privilege of working with Conor recently, and the experience surpassed my expectations.
He demonstrated a deep understanding of the interview process and provided valuable insights into effective communication, behavioral cues, and strategic responses. Conor tailored the coaching sessions to my specific needs, ensuring a personalized and impactful learning experience.

His professionalism, expertise, and insightful feedback significantly enhanced my confidence and performance during my interview.
Conor has a remarkable ability to identify strengths and areas for improvement, offering constructive guidance that translates into tangible results.
I would highly recommend Conor for any upcoming Airline interview.

T. E. / New Aer Lingus pilot, ex 737

“Firstly I cannot thank you enough for your help before my assessment. I had a great experience with you before my assessment, I believe you prepared me to the best of my ability, you brought out my confidence, and try different approaches on answers, and it made me think quite a lot. I think the recorded interviews were of great help… Thank you, Conor.”

“I have been working with Mr. Conor Keeling for the past few months and would describe the experience as very enjoyable and positively insightful. Conor is a clear communicator but above all an excellent listener. Our meetings have always taken place in a relaxed informal setting with a calm and focused approach to proceedings. I always felt very comfortable bringing any topic to the table with respect to my on-going career progression. Conor always offered very thoughtful and intelligent ideas which led us down many interesting paths of exploration. I would highly recommend Conor to any individual seeking to make constructive positive progressions in their careers.”

“To make a successful transition back
…….Conor has been an invaluable resource. He is a careful listener, extremely observant and an excellent source of encouragement. In addition to his professionalism and integrity, Conor is an incredibly compassionate and considerate coach who cares about the welfare and well being of his clients. Working with Conor has been one of the best professional decisions I have made.”