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Interview Prepartion - Professional Pilot Coaching

CV Optimisation

Now that you have passed your flying exams it is time to turn that ability into a paying job. Discover how you can best present yourself at your best in interview and simulator assessment through analysis and optimum preparation.

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Command Preparation | Professional Pilot Coaching

Personal & Group Interview Training

Real time Interview practice, individually or in a group is irreplaceable. Ensure you are fully ready to match what is asked of you by live interview training. Feel the heat of the seat, as you tackle technical and competency questions, with confidence and authenticity.

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Rediscover Your Flying | Professional Pilot Coaching

Cadet Program Preparation

As airlines look to invest in your complete training, be sure you are fully ready for the airline Pilot assessment. From psychometrics, to personality and technical interview techniques and practice, invest in your training to succeed.

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Conor Keeling | Professional Pilot Coaching

I am an Airbus A330 Commander with many years of experience in the aviation world.

My primary focus is working one-to-one with the next generation of Airline Pilots, providing professional coaching and pilot experience to enhance their skills and boost their confidence during Airline assessments.

My most recent qualification is from UCC, through the Irish Management Institute, a Diploma in Executive Coaching, received in 2016.

I am a full accredited member of the Association of Coaching, and European Coaching & Mentoring Council, and I operate strictly under their Global Code of Ethics..


Firstly, I cannot thank you enough for your help before my assessment
I believe you prepared me to the best of my abilty and brought out my confidence
the recorded interview videos were a great help.

Conor, always offered very thoughtful and intelligent ideas… I would highly recommend Conor to any individual seeking constructive progress in their flying careers.

Hi Conor, just spoke to my wife and now I am ringing you… I got job! Thank you so much for all your guidance, attention and belief in my success.

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