Is SCOTT better than SWOT? Preparing for your Pilot Assessment

Is SCOTT better than SWOT?

In preparation, for Pilot assessment and interview, we are very familiar with the SWOT analysis popularised by Albert Humphrey in the Stanford Institute in the 1960s.The Strengths -Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats grid can be a useful tool in all career and business decisions. However, in my experience, I believe for successful Pilot Career progression a different, if similar acronym could be more useful.

SCOTT uses a similar pattern, but is easier to highlight more specific parameters to develop your CV, competency questions and builds personal self-awareness. This is a smarter way to prepare for assessment day in your preferred airline.

S – Skills & Strengths. Explore your personal and professional Skills and combined with your those Strengths matching the employers criteria. We often take our experiences and previous industry skills for granted or ignore them. Remember your qualifications get you to the interview, but your personality and personal experience gets you the job.

C – Challenges. What are those extra Challenging areas that you have to consider and mitigate, to be sure your performance matches that sought by the airline. This could be flying experience level, age, type rating and the reasons you left your previous employer. Also it changes the negative energy associated to exploring your weaknesses, that no one enjoys!

O – Opportunities and Options. Not every Opportunity may be right for you. The right Options for a married pilot with children, may not suit a pilot looking for cargo or fraction jet opportunities. Be sure the options you seek match your work style. Many pilots and airlines have attempted to fit different types of employment to the wrong candidate and everyone is a loser.

T – Timing. As we know as pilots Timing is everything. You may commence your training in a boom and compete your licence in a downturn. You may join a fast growing airline with command potential, and then find it goes bust. You got to roll with the punches, as Covid as shown us and stay current, stay resilient and wait for the tide to turn.

T – Threats. So yes, this is a little cheating. Threats are valid in both strategy models. Being aware of the fast changing nature of our industry, means you need to be on your toes to recognise changes in the marketplace. Keep your CV current, nurture your Medical rating, stay up to speed with market trends and pilot licensing challenges, and keep on identifying the successful companies, that match what you are looking for in your flying career.

Hope you found this article useful as you prepare smartly, to get your flying career working for you.

Best of Luck,
Captain Conor

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